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Watch this 3 minute video of Dr. Reynolds along with several local optometry students performing a sports vision clinic for a local little league baesball team for the first time in the USA! 

VSP Video

Vision Service Plan (VSP) the largest not-for-profit private vision provider in the USA filmed this historic event, provided the sports vision kits plus instructions, and distributed the DVDs to several optometrists and Lions Clubs worldwide. 


Did you know we were recently authorized by Liberty Sports-a leader in protective eyewear for the sports industry-as Sports Eye Injury Prevention Center?

Check out for more information.  Thank you.

The office of Dr. Cynthia Reynolds-Temple, Optometrist, is a complete eye care center for the whole family.

We believe in taking care of the entire person - not just the eyes!

Education and prevention are the keys to healthy eyes and healthy living.

Yearly eye exams are essential in detecting many vision-threatening conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. This is especially true if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or any past (present) eye injuries / traumas.

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